Featured Artist

Meet Little Bridget Jewelry!



The month of April we are dedicating to a new artist, Karen Boelts!


Karen Boelts is the owner and founder of Little Bridget Jewelry. Her studio sits at the base of the majestic Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. Ever since she was a little tot, she dreamed of being an artist. She obtained a BFA  from the University of Arizona and worked in design for a while. She jokes that somewhere while raising her two children her company was born, yet the art of jewelry making isn’t the only thing about which she is passionate.

Karen is an activist for LGBTQIA+ rights, communicating acceptance and equality for all through her words and her jewelry. Her constant inspiration comes from the strength of her son, Hal, who was the first documented transgendered person to have transitioned as a child. She states that the “experience of having an LGBTQIA+ family has taught me things about love and acceptance others haven’t had the opportunity to learn. Little Bridget’s Equality line came from my desire to inspire change and my love of jewelry making. My intention of love is nestled into each piece I create and it is my greatest thrill to watch it go out into the world. To further this intention, a portion of each month’s sales goes to organizations that support equal rights for all.” ~ Karen Boelts

Karen is dedicated to communicating acceptance wherever she goes, and has made it her life’s mission to educate. “A large population of the world does not understand what transgender is and this lack of understanding is what causes so much fear, which in turn creates hate. Because of this I have always felt a responsibility to educate my community. Through organization like PFLAG and the Safe School Coalition I have spent much of my time educating teachers, doctors, clergy and anyone else that would listen. I did interviews with trade magazines on education, health care and even religion. I was very careful with which media I would open up to. I wanted to be sure that Hal’s story would not be sensationalized. It wasn’t entertainment.” Karen’s determination as an activist through her beautiful art made it so easy for us to fall in love, and ask if we could represent her here at the Diving Cat. Please come in and see all of the pieces we have of hers!

Or, visit her here on our website!