Featured Artist

Meet Mary-Lynne Moffatt!

The month of January we are dedicating to Mary-Lynne Moffatt!

The month of January was named after the Roman God, Janus, for his ability to turn one face to reflect upon the past and a yet another face freshly pointed upon the future. It’s a wonderful time to consider our past experiences that have accumulated to this point, and to look forward to the endless possibilities before us.  Mary-Lynne Moffatt embodies the exciting life of an individual who has embraced her potential and creates her own opportunity.

“I grew up in Philadelphia in a family that created every day. When we moved to the suburbs, my high school guidance counselor asked me what I wanted to be. “An artist” I replied. He then went on to inform me that being an artist wasn’t really a job, but being an art teacher was. So I did what I was told for a short period of time, but creating was what I truly wanted to do.
Today, I am an award winning, full time Artist.”

“I hand make these collectables in my studio in Souderton PA. They reflect my imagination and individuality and are one-of-a-kind. There are no molds. Each piece is created with clay, wood, wire, beads, screws, vintage items, recycled paintbrushes, or items I have found or collected. Each piece is hand painted with a look of well worn, well loved objects. My concept is to invoke a memory of being a kid and seeing a toy that makes you happy!”

At Diving Cat, we LOVE seeing these whimsical creatures every day! It’s quite impossible to look at one and not smile. We hope you find the sculptures as enjoyable and inspiring as we do!



Visit Mary-Lynne’s sculpture section HERE!