About Markels Roberts

Markels Roberts, artist and owner

  • Owner, Diving Cat Studio and Gallery
  • Artist specializing in pottery, glass jewelry, and glass sculpture
  • Gallery Host
  • Studio Instructor
  • Expert in Murano glass techniques

Markels discovered her passion for art working with clay as a grade school student living in southern California. She is now established as the Diving Cat Studio and Gallery in Phoenixville, PA creating pottery sculpture and glass art, and running a 2000 sf. retail gallery showing the work of over 150 artists and designers. Clay allows her to work in three dimensions with few limitations. She works with earthenware, red clay, stoneware and porcelain. Her favorite subjects are found in the forest: animals, bugs, leaves, rocks and sticks, and symbols. These themes are sculpted and illustrated on vessels. She likes to use a broad palate of color and abstract design. Sculptures of dogs, cats and birds are also a recurring themes in her work. Half of her studio space is used for pottery and ceramic sculpture. Over the years, while her artistic skills developed, She was introduced to glass as an expressive medium. She became fascinated with the challenge of a whole new world; of lighting the torch and transforming the flame into her creative tool. She has been extraordinarily successful in evolving this fascination into a full time career and establishing her studio with both clay and glass. The portion of her studio dedicated to glass has two worktables with their distinctive torches. One is dedicated to glass sculpture, using borosilicate and soda lime glass, The other is for Italian glass from Murano (soda lime), from which she makes glass beads and design her original line of jewelry.

For 25 years, her grandmother, as head of Women’s Wardrobe at MGM studios, and her mother, as a costumer, dressed actors and actresses on the movie set. She came to realize that her pleasure of adorning people with jewelry has come from watching her mother and grandmother at their work.

Markels has participated in workshops and lessons from glass artists whose work she most admires including Tom and Sage Holland, Brian Kirkfleet, Janice Miltonberger, Suellen Fowler and Loren Stump. and a series of workshops in Murano, Italy, for 3 years including lessons with glass sculptor, Lucio Bubacco and Vittorio Costantini.

Her artistic goal is to instill a sense of emotional happiness and genuine intrigue in those who experience her work or wear it. Through her work, She wishes to be uplifting and, thereby, promote joy and inspiration in others.

Markels expanded her passion for the arts by promoting the work of others:

In 2008 Markels opened the Diving Cat Studio Gallery in the heart of Phoenixville PA., hosting the work of more than 200 artists and designers. The gallery is 2000 sf. of Handcrafted pieces including ceramics, jewelry, wood, metals, painting, photography, clothing, fiber, furniture, and more!

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