Featured Artist

Meet Rebecca Grills, the artist behind Summer Glass


“My design ideas are sometimes born on cocktail napkins, back of envelopes, or by accident in the studio. I am inspired by bold colors, asymmetry, funky anything…”

From small stained glass ornaments, garden picks to windows, cabinet doors and even designing large doors, each Summer Glass piece brings a sense of beauty, light and love. Yet before there was a Summer Glass, Rebecca Grills had another business, “Mystic Pizza”, a frozen pizza line which sold to supermarkets up and down the east coast. In 2001, Rebecca sold her business to focus solely on Summer Glass, making a hobby her life long pursuit.

Summer Glass art incorporates the copper foil method and the lead method of stained glass with various styles and textures of glass inlaid in each piece, but Rebecca is mostly self-taught, making her art unique and original.

Armed with a creative passion for all things colorful, and a vision of fun, Rebecca and Summer Glass are brightening homes and businesses nationwide.

We welcome you to come and check out all of Rebecca’s pieces in our gallery!

Visit her here on our website!