Artist Spotlight

Meet Michael Michaud

Michael Michaud Jewelry is a world-renowned collection of botanical jewelry

Early last year we leapt at the opportunity to spend time with jewelry designer Michael Michaud (pictured above with Diving Cat Studio Gallery owner, Markels Roberts) at the Handmade Show in Philadelphia. Markels has been carrying Michaud’s delicate, nature inspired jewelry since she opened Diving Cat over ten years ago! As we browsed his stunning work and chatted, Michaud made us feel like old friends. His warmth and easy smile revealed a laid-back spirit. We enjoyed the chance to learn more about this prolific and talented artist.
Michaud’s youth in Northeastern Ohio was spent mostly outdoors. The youngest of three with parents who loved camping and kept gardens (mom with flowers, dad with vegetables), Michaud tells us his earliest and most treasured memories are of family time spent in nature. Little did they know then the impact it would have on him as he grew into an inspired and sought-after artist. After he graduated high school, Michaud became an apprentice for a jewelry mold cutter. Just weeks after his apprenticeship began, the gentleman training him died in an accident, and Michaud was given his job. He had to learn fast, and became an expert in the craft, along with the “lost wax” casting process. After a few years, he attended the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology’s School for American Craftsmen and began designing jewelry near New York City’s floral district.
He was inspired to try molding the flowers he saw there, and eventually came up with the method he uses now with his own line of jewelry. He starts by creating a plaster mold using an actual object from nature (a flower, a leaf, a branch) rather than wax. The pieces are cast by using extreme pressure and heat into models that are embellished with illuminating pearls and stones into finished designs. To create the real life effect, the jewelry is hand patinated with bronze to achieve the green color. He designs about 12 collections a year, and his work has been commissioned by major art institutions. Michaud’s intricate botanical designs are made by a true Master of the craft. Timeless, inspired, and pure magic…. Michael Michaud’s artistry will always have a home here at Diving Cat Studio Gallery!
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