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21 hours ago

Diving Cat Studio Gallery

“I notice you have an accent. Tell me, where are you from originally?” And so begins a very interesting conversation as our own Diving Cat John (Markels’ partner in Life Love and Business), inquires about what led one of our Saturday customers to America and then eventually to Diving Cat. She’s comfortable and happy to share her story. Her path here is fascinating. 😻

Another couple stops in, and they are greeted with “Welcome back! It’s great to see you again! What would you like- a beer? Glass of wine?” 🍷🍺🤙

John easily greets each person with warmth and gratitude for their visit, and it's honestly like watching Markels working with clay or glass... he creates a lovely personal experience for each customer with whom he interacts. It’s a gift he brings to the world.

If you know John, you know his giving and caring nature. You may have been picked up for the airport at 2:45am (THANK YOU FOREVER), or driven to an important doctor’s appointment. 🙏 He’s offered excellent advice and helped so many work through life’s challenges. He is the life of the party but also works hard behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly and seamlessly.

Last week today, John celebrated a BIRTHDAY! And in true John-fashion... he put the spotlight on others. So even though it’s belated, please join us in wishing him another blessed trip around the Sun! Thank you for all the ways you make Diving Cat special, John! We love our Leo!! 😻💕🎂🎉🎈

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1 week ago

Diving Cat Studio Gallery

Aww Puddin, are you wondering what’s happening today? Diving Cat is what’s happening! It’s First Friday, we have wine and beer, and... well what else do you need? Come say hi! 😻

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Tonight y’all!! Tonight Markels will be working with glass and it’s super cool to watch. Easy too, since it’s in the front window! Come on by and see what she creates!
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2 weeks ago

Diving Cat Studio Gallery

Here at the Diving Cat Studio... we adore ALL our furry friends! And today, we celebrate National Mutt Day!! Here are some personal photos of our crazy Mutts!

PLEASE POST PICS OF YOUR LOVABLE MUTT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW- we want to see your cuties!! And feel free to tag the shelter if he/she is a rescue!

Did you know that Mutts are the least adoptable dogs in the shelter? How sad is that? Just because they’re not “purebred” doesn’t mean they’re not full of “pure love”. Show a Mutt how much you care...open your heart and home to a furry little soul in need today. Many shelters are offering discounts on adoption fees today... perfect timing to find your new BFF!!


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3 weeks ago

Diving Cat Studio Gallery

At Diving Cat, it's always Wine & Cheese Day... lol
But today, July 25th, it's official! 😻🍷🧀

Enjoying your wine at home? Wouldn’t this wine bottle holder from Sugar Post Keep you smiling? 😺😺

Or if you’re on your way to your favorite BYO, come pick up one of our super cute bags and arrive in style.

You can elevate your cheese experience by serving it on one of these American Stonecraft Food Slabs. These are so cool- the fieldstone is hand-gathered from New England farms. Each slab is hand polished to a shine in a ten-stage process, and finished with a stain-resistant seal.

And yes, the bottles are empty, and there's no cheese pictured. Like I said, we kind of like wine and cheese around here... use your imagination. 😹💕

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