Kadar Collection

“Masterpieces by Masters” is the definition of “Grand Bazaar Jewelers”. Every single unit of our production is an outstanding piece of artistry. With the help and support of you, our buyers, collectors, craftsmen and rich lineage of Masters we have carved a name for ourselves among history within the field of jewellery. Since the Grand Bazaars inception in Istanbul, Turkey begining in 1455 and to this day Grand Bazaar Jewelers has been The Jewelers to a Dynasty and now You.

Turkish Jewelry and the Master craftsmen who produce it are internationally recognized from those who like a bit of everything – culture, ethnic products, variety in designs, range of colors and class. Present day icons and leaders such as Queen Elizabeth, Lady Diana, Barack Obama, Bono, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Brooke Shields, Madonna and countless historical figures, sultans and nobility have jewels from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. We have created a wealth of exquisite jewellery, which has come to find favor with jewelry lovers and admirers worldwide.

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