Karine Sultan

Karine has never gone to design school. She’s naturally gifted (although she will never admit it…) with raw talent and a pure love of art. Her creative journey began thirty years ago, in a small design studio in the heart of the fashion district in Paris, France. There, she began her practical education in jewelry design by observing and working side by side with the best craftsmen in this field. Karine felt very lucky to have them as her mentors and neighbors.
Karine paid particular attention to those of modest means so she could learn their secrets and adapt her work to that audience. She’d always felt that looking chic didn’t have to mean going broke and that there should be room for expression on any budget. All you needed was a little something the French call “Je ne sais quoi”.
For the past thirty years as a jewelry designer, Karine secretly nourished the dream of designing under her own name. She finally got her chance when her family relocated to Los Angeles, CA in 2007. Since launching her namesake brand, she puts her personal touch on everything related to it, because she wants her customers to feel empowered by the designs carrying her name.

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